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Overcome Data Silos & Complex AI Workflows: Scalytics Connect Simplifies Your Data Landscape

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Simplify Data Infrastructure and AI Development

Optimize data infrastructures for fast AI product development with Scalytics Connect. Enable faster time to market, ensure compliance, reduce data management costs, and streamline data access effortlessly.
Scalytics Unifies Your Data Stack

Decentralize AI Development

Develop and deploy AI models closer to your data, ensuring compliance and privacy.

Accelerate digital transformation

Unlock the true power of your data, driving AI initiatives and achieving lasting success.

Automate industrial processes

Streamline workflows and eliminate manual tasks with intelligent automation.

Enable real-time data velocity

Access and analyze your data instantly, make decisions based on the real latest insights.
Don't just dream AI, make it happen! Start building your next-gen AI solutions today.

You need data in minutes, not days!

Blossom Studio Pipeline
Blossom Studio Pipeline
Blossom Studio Pipeline
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See Scalytics Connect in Action

Explore federated learning with Scalytics: seamlessly connect to multiple platforms and generate comprehensive reports. Discover our ML capabilities, including K-means clustering with image segmentation, across diverse platforms like Databricks and Snowflake.

Data Architects ❤️ Scalytics: Here's Why

"Solves the problem others couldn't, automate remote data processing and ingest into our Databricks ML platform without the typical etl hiccup."
Freemium user
“Building an efficient and scalable data architecture with Scalytics reduced our development time and costs dramatically. From demo to proof of concept in just 2 days, now I wonder why we waited so long.”
SVP Data and AI | FinTech Asia
“Easy to use API, makes the training of ML pipelines faster as it can run on distributed platforms such as Spark for example.”
“What I like the most about this platform is its ease of use. One has to only express the business logic within its API, and then the platform optimizes for the underlying system usage. This way, one does not need to implement system-specific details.”
"Ease of consulting distributed data sources, intuitive graphical interface, efficiency in data consultation, friendly use of the system.”
"It's an open source product, and pretty solid and stable. The simplicity to integrate - just add 3! lines into your _already_ existing code, and it does the rest.”
"I could execute my Spark job on Flink by changing only one line of code. I also liked a lot the optimizer that can select the platform based on a cost model.”
"My tasks can be transferred between platforms with just minor changes.”
"I see real potential in the application that can have significant impact on pipeline creation and transformation leveraged by a larger user base.  That and the obvious abstraction layer that allows for multi-data technologies to be accessed, acquired and operated on without specific subject matter expertise is invaluable."
Senior Quantitative Engineer | Treasury Engineering
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