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Scalytics Connect

Test-drive Scalytics Connect free for 30 days on your choice of On-Prem, Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Traditional ETL processes are rigid, time-consuming, and struggle to keep pace with the growing demands of modern data landscapes.

Scalytics Connect offers a revolutionary approach, transcending limitations with data virtualization and AI-powered capabilities.

Scalytics, Inc.

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What you get with Scalytics Connect

Data Virtualization: Smash data silos and access all your data in one place, eliminating redundant movement and simplifying ETL. Learn more.

Reduced development and maintenance costs: Simplify pipelines, automate tasks, and leverage scalable architecture.

AI-Powered Automation: Automate tedious tasks like data cleansing and transformation, freeing up resources and optimizing performance, as showcased in our recent benchmark study.

Advanced Transformations: Go beyond basic ETL with powerful data manipulation capabilities, unlocking the full potential of your data for advanced analytics and ML.

Multi-Cloud Support: Break free from vendor lock-in and enjoy true data portability across diverse cloud environments.

Cost Optimization: Leverage local resources for efficient and scalable data processing, reducing costs and improving performance.

Use All Your Data - The Easy Way

  • Ensure compliance with both current and evolving data regulations effortlessly with built-in federation features.
  • Minimize data related expenses, including anonymization and data mapping, to optimize resource allocation.
  • Streamline data access requests, saving costly time and resources in the process.
  • Overcome compliance challenges to accelerate the development of data products, drastically reducing time-to-market.

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