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Next-Gen Data Platform Integration

The ETL platform for the era of AI. Bridge data silos, automate workflows, accelerate innovation, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Unlocking the potential of AI through seamless data integration

The ETL platform designed for the age of AI. Imagine the integration of data silos, streamlined data pipelines, simplified data architectures and guaranteed compliance with regulatory standards.
Scalytics Unifies Your Data Stack

Data-driven decisions in minutes, not days.

Struggling to unlock the true potential of your data due to complex and fragmented data landscapes? Scalytics Connect offers a revolutionary solution with its ETL process, a game-changer in streamlining your data journey from initial ingestion to actionable insights.

Go beyond the limitations and reduced capabilities of current ETL systems. Utilize our extract, transform, load (ETL) systems to manipulate data on the fly, meeting your specific needs with our powerful data manipulation tools.

Imagine a unified data fabric:
Break down data silos and access all your information – cloud, on-premises, or disparate sources – in one platform. Our approach of virtualizing data eliminates unnecessary data transfers and streamlines integration, saving both time and resources.

Flexibility and scalability built-in: Choose the deployment option that best suits you – cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. Scalytics Connect seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and adjusts effortlessly to handle increasing data volumes, ensuring unmatched flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Scalytics Connect is a Data Platform Integration Provider that utilizes AI technology and is used in various industries such as Healthcare, Energy, Retail, Industry Automation and Public Agencies, serving and enabling a wide range of use cases.

Use All Your Data - The Easy Way

  • Ensure compliance with both current and evolving data regulations effortlessly with built-in federation features.
  • Minimize data related expenses, including anonymization and data mapping, to optimize resource allocation.
  • Streamline data access requests, saving costly time and resources in the process.
  • Overcome compliance challenges to accelerate the development of data products, drastically reducing time-to-market.

Watch our videos and see how we enable innovation across industries.

Made for Developers

Build federated, data regulation compliant and ultra-scaling data driven applications

Scalytics Connect serves as a robust abstraction layer that simplifies the interaction between different data processing platforms, data warehouses, and AI frameworks.
This and our powerful APIs allows developers to effortlessly run data and AI applications across a variety of engines, removing the need for making code modifications specific to each platform.
Built on Apache Wayang, Scalytics eliminates the complexities of platforms, freeing developers to focus on the application's logic instead of technical details.
To get started, you can download our ready-to-use Development Environment (Docker) and consult the documentation.

Developer Voice: Why Choose Scalytics Connect

"Solves the problem others couldn't, automate remote data processing and ingest into our Databricks ML platform without the typical etl hiccup."
Freemium user
“Building an efficient and scalable data architecture with Scalytics reduced our development time and costs dramatically. From demo to proof of concept in just 2 days, now I wonder why we waited so long.”
SVP Data and AI | FinTech Asia
“Easy to use API, makes the training of ML pipelines faster as it can run on distributed platforms such as Spark for example.”
“What I like the most about this platform is its ease of use. One has to only express the business logic within its API, and then the platform optimizes for the underlying system usage. This way, one does not need to implement system-specific details.”
"Ease of consulting distributed data sources, intuitive graphical interface, efficiency in data consultation, friendly use of the system.”
"It's an open source product, and pretty solid and stable. The simplicity to integrate - just add 3! lines into your _already_ existing code, and it does the rest.”
"I could execute my Spark job on Flink by changing only one line of code. I also liked a lot the optimizer that can select the platform based on a cost model.”
"My tasks can be transferred between platforms with just minor changes.”
"I see real potential in the application that can have significant impact on pipeline creation and transformation leveraged by a larger user base.  That and the obvious abstraction layer that allows for multi-data technologies to be accessed, acquired and operated on without specific subject matter expertise is invaluable."
Senior Quantitative Engineer | Treasury Engineering
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"Scalytics' data solution democratizes AI for everyone." - SVP, Data Engineering, Banking

Welcome to Scalytics Connect, the leading Data Platform Integration Provider. We're changing how businesses use data, analytics and AI by unifying data silos and simplifying data compliance with AI powered ETL, data pipelines and data virtualization. Enjoy up to 85% increased performance in your data processing pipelines and over 35% savings in data-related expenses.
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