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Scalytics is the world's first intelligent cloud scheduler.

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Predictive Pricing

Quickly check which combination of cloud providers and on-premise solutions provides the best price and performance for your big data analysis.

Compliance Control

Deploy your workloads to different cloud providers based on your compliance needs.

Identify Cloud Spend Savings

See all of your workloads across your organization, and how much you can save by deploying to different cloud providers.

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In 3 simple steps run an Opportunistic Multicloud execution

Scalytics: AI-based platform Empowers You to Make Better Decisions

Meeting compliance, performance, and cost requirements for cloud applications

  Scalytics is brought to you by the creators of Rheem

Scalytics brings Rheem to the cloud

Scalytics uses Rheem at its core to easily run your jobs on multiple cloud providers

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Scalytics makes your life easier

Say good bye to all your cloud deployment problems.
Scalytics deploys your jobs by improving performance and reducing costs.


Users are responsible for coding and scheduling their multi-cloud jobs. This is difficult even for expert users.

Scalytics automatically deploys each sub-part of a Job to the most relevant cloud provider in a seamless manner to reduce costs and improve performance.

Cost Management

Users must analyze cloud usage reports and learn how to reduce costs by themselves.

Scalytics suggests cost reductions before each job execution, leading to reduced cloud bills from day zero.

Cloud Management

Cloud providers do not help in creating their computing clusters. Simply monitors your Cloud usage.

Cloud users give their credentials to Scalytics and forget about the creation and deletion of their computing clusters. They now enjoy an automatic deployment based on your jobs and datasets.

Cloud Governance

Cloud users currently can set rules regarding the budget on how to use the cloud. Wisely spending requires way more knowledge that users might have.

Scalytics provides to users the below set of rules:

(i) Execute workflow on cheapest provider.

(ii) Delay time a job can tolerate to match cheaper times.

(iii) Helping users in deploying their clusters based on workload and input data.


Together, we ensure to provide the latest technology to meet your objectives.

Scalytics Team

& Co-founder

Al Basseri

& Co-founder

Alex Alten-Lorenz

Chief Scientist
& Co-founder

Jorge Quiane-Ruiz

Senior Software Engineer & Co-founder

Bertty Rojas

Senior Software Engineer & Co-founder

Rodrigo Pardo-Meza

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