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Ditch data woes and unleash your developer mojo with Scalytics Connect, the Federated Data Platform built for you. Break data silos, code low and impact high with intuitive tools and APIs. Leverage edge computing for real-time insights and foster a culture of privacy with built-in governance. Dive into our extensive tutorials, join a vibrant community, and access regular updates to stay ahead of the curve.

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Scalytics Connect:
The Federated Data Lakehouse

Scalytics Connect:
Machine Learning in Finance

Scalytics Connect:
Global Data Intelligence Simplified

Scalytics Connect
Intro - About Scalytics

Product Demo Videos

Watch our Wayang and Scalytics Connect tutorials and learn how to use platform-agnostic methods to speed up your development skills and deal easily with different data analytics platforms without re-platforming your code.

Part 1:
How to develop with Scalytics Core

Part 2:
How to develop with Scalytics Core

Conferences and Talks

We are the top experts in federated data lakes, virtual data lakehouse and distributed data processing and are also leading contributors to Apache Wayang, the Distributed Data Processing Platform. See our online talks and presentations.

The ASF - CoC ASIA '23

Federated Data Processing Platform Apache Wayang explained, future outlook.

Digital Twin Conference '23

Using Data Integration to build digital twins without compromising data privacy.

Flower Summit '22

How to build a large scale LLM chatbot on federated data lakes with Flower and Wayang.

Apache Con@Home '21

Apache Wayang enables IoT to deal with the huge velocity of data across multiple platforms and edges.

BOSS Conference '21

Our tech talk at BOSS '21 about Apache Wayang: A Big Data Cross-Platform System.

RedisConf '21

Scalytics Connect predicts cross continent manufacturing and energy forecasts with Redis timeseries and IoT.

Spark Summit

Our first introduction of Rheem, now Apache Wayang, at the Spark Summit 2017

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