Tackling Data Management Head-On: The Story Behind DataBloom AI

April 21, 2023
Alexander Alten

DataBloom AI is a company that is revolutionizing the way data is managed and processed in the financial industry, but not only there. Our main product, Scalytics Connect, is an AI-powered Federated Data Platform that allows users to run analytics and AI tasks directly where the data lives without the need to move or copy it into central solutions. This approach to data management has the potential to save companies up to 35% of their current data spend, ease regulatory pressure, and help to enable data as an asset, not a liability.

We are the team behind Scalytics:
Zoi, Alexander, Jorge, and Kaustubh. 

A few words about us, our story and why we are here:

Zoi is our driving force in machine learning and artificial intelligence. An Associate Professor from the IT University of Copenhagen, she's the mastermind behind Apache Wayang and the visionary who introduced the game-changing data fabric concept. With a rich tapestry of global experiences and a passion for true AI and generative AI, Zoi's insights are shaping the future of AI, making her an indispensable pillar of the DataBloom team.

Alexander has over 15 years of experience in big data, data processing, distributed data, AI, ML, and IoT. He began his career by serving in the military for over 10 years, focusing on avionics and data processing. After leaving the air force, Alexander worked as an executive for data-related services in several regulated industries, such as energy and utilities (E.On SE), insurance and finance (Allianz SE), and healthcare (Evariant, now Healthgrades), as well as big data companies like Cloudera. Throughout his career, Alexander has witnessed the challenges that regulated sectors face when it comes to data processing and data platform integration. He understands how overwhelming data management and data processing can become with increased regulatory pressure, increasing data velocity, and the need for more powerful data processing. Alexander's passion is to address these challenges and provide solutions for effective, silo-free data processing and data management.

Kaustubh co-founded DataBloom as a founding engineer, driven by his work on automated, regulation-compliant data processing. Kaustubh earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the renowned Max-Planck Institute and the University of Mannheim (Germany). He has published multiple papers in highly ranked journals since 2012. Kaustubh has built the federated SQL layer in Apache Wayang and leads the technical efforts of Scalytics as CTO. He is highly anticipated in the data science industry and currently teaches data management at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Jorge started to investigate the topic of Federated Data Processing and distributed AI in 2015. The team developed Rheem in 2016 and presented the software stack at the Spark Summit 2017 followed by multiple conferences. Jorge was a professor and taught distributed data processing at the IT University of Copenhagen. Jorge passed away unexpectedly in 2023.

The reason why we started Scalytics

Scalytics Connect was built out of a desire to solve the problems that come with extensive, error-prone ETL and data movement, copy, cleaning, and re-platforming. The founders' years of experience and frustration with these issues led them to see the need for a data management solution that actually tackles these problems instead of covering them up with more complex solutions. Today's data market is overwhelming, even for experts, with an uncountable amount of data management, processing, ETL, data platform connectivity, databases, non-databases, image processing, small data, big data, mass data platforms, and streaming solutions. We just wanted to make data access and analytics so easy as possible and created Wayang to cut through this confusion and provide a clear and effective solution. Together, we realized that there was a need for a better solution, one that would allow companies to unlock the full potential of their data without having to centralize it into new data silos. We are sure you all know the famous Big Data Landscape picture from Matt Turck:

The Data and AI Landscape 2020, by Matt Turck
The Data and AI Landscape 2020, by Matt Turck

That's why we founded Scalytics and build the most trusted federated data platform. Our cutting-edge technology empowers data engineers by reducing redundant ETL, enabling new data processing technologies, reduces the technical debt coming with outdated data infrastructures and data integration tools, introduces application abstraction from data processing frameworks and ensures compliance with data regulations. It allows companies to recover and redeploy up to 35% of their current data costs by applying greater data management to data-architecture, -sourcing, and -use practices. In short, Scalytics Connect makes data management, data processing and application development more convenient, and allows companies to use their current data infrastructure without the need to centralize data, or invest into larger data silos and data lakes.

Our Vision

We're taking on the data market players who have purposefully created segregated products to lock clients into their single solutions, hindering data cooperation and complicating compliance with data rules. We've experienced the frustration, exhaustion, and anger when initiatives fail due to incompatibility, rising expenses, and reliance on limited technology. We know what it's like to feel pressure to address real-world data issues while no one is willing to step up. That's what drives us - the determination to revolutionize how we all work with data.

Blossom Sky simplifies the complex data  industry

We have created the most comprehensive and complete technology to disrupt the data business, allowing users to build world-class data-driven apps without having to deal with a variety of platforms, technologies, and coding languages. We've achieved something no one thought was possible: application agnosticism. This means that our technology is applicable to a wide range of applications, regardless of the underlying technology or platform. Scalytics code is application neutral, which means it can operate on any platform, and it helps enterprises save time and money while acquiring insights faster and more efficiently. Blossom Sky's application-agnostic nature indicates that it can communicate with all major data processing and streaming frameworks, as well as AI systems like Tensorflow, Pandas, and PyTorch.

By adopting distributed data architectures and empowering the data front lines and end users with advanced analytics capabilities across multiple, often independent data sources, data lakes, or data silos, we enable any company to overcome data operation difficulties such as complexity, fragmentation, latency, regulation, and security, as well as removing reliance on data processing suppliers, returning control of their data strategy to whom they belong: the user. Join in the data revolution!

Alexander, Zoi and Kaustubh

About Scalytics

Legacy data infrastructure can't keep pace with the speed and complexity of modern AI initiatives. Data silos stifle innovation, slow down insights, and create scalability bottlenecks. Scalytics Connect, the next-generation data platform, solves these challenges. Experience seamless integration across diverse data sources, enabling true AI scalability and removing the roadblocks that hinder your AI ambitions. Break free from the limitations of the past and accelerate innovation with Scalytics Connect.

We enable you to make data-driven decisions in minutes, not days
Scalytics is powered by Apache Wayang, and we're proud to support the project. You can check out their public GitHub repo right here. If you're enjoying our software, show your love and support - a star ⭐ would mean a lot!

If you need professional support from our team of industry leading experts, you can always reach out to us via Slack or Email.
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