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Never Miss a Beat: Streamline Data Ingestion with Reliable Lake Integration

Your developers are itching to push the boundaries with cutting-edge analytics, AI, and machine learning. But without fast, reliable access to data, they're forced to work around limitations. Don't let them find workarounds that bypass your systems. Data lakes offer a potential solution, storing vast amounts of diverse data for future analysis. However, the key lies in ensuring continuous and reliable data lake integration, bridging the gap between data storage and actionable insights. Scalytics Connect empowers you to overcome this challenge, delivering the data your developers need, when they need it.

You Need Data Now, Not Later: Building Reliable Data Lake Integration for Developers

Data integration for cloud data lakes goes beyond simply fulfilling business requests. Scalytics Connect transcends traditional data engineering platforms like StreamSets by offering a comprehensive solution that empowers your entire development team:

  • Rapid Pipeline Development: Build robust and adaptable data pipelines with ease, ensuring continuous data flow to your cloud data lake.
  • Resilience to Change: Scalytics Connect anticipates and adapts to evolving data sources and formats, safeguarding the integrity of your data pipelines.
  • Developer-Focused Features: Leverage intuitive tools and pre-built components to streamline development, freeing your team to focus on innovation.

Scalytics Connect goes beyond basic data integration, providing developers with the power and flexibility to unlock the full potential of your cloud data lake.

Evolving Data Lake Integration with Scalytics Connect

The data lake in your cloud is the door to advanced analytics. And once ingested, data flows in many directions to support advanced analytics, data science and AI, machine learning and more. A fundamental data ingestion design pattern begins with data being read from a data source. Then, data is routed through simple transformations like masking to protect personal information (PII) and stored in a data lake.

One of the biggest challenges to implementing this fundamental design pattern is the sudden, unannounced and endless changes in data structures, semantics and infrastructure that can interfere with dataflow or degrade data. Data drift is why the discipline of data sourcing, ingestion and transformation has begun to morph into data engineering, which is a modern way of doing data integration.

The Smart Way: Dynamic Data Pipelines for Cloud Data Lake Integration

Scalytics Data Pipeline

The difference between a traditional data pipeline and a smart data pipeline is that traditional pipelines rely on hand-coded code or the use of tools that create important dependencies across the data pipeline on technical implementation details. A smart data pipeline eliminates these dependencies and decouples data sources and destinations, allowing you to focus on the "what" of the data and easily adapt to new requirements.

Traditional data pipelines often fall short, limiting your ability to truly harness the potential of your data lake. Scalytics Connect transcends these limitations, offering smart data pipelines that empower you to:

  • Transform data in real-time: React to evolving needs and extract insights instantly, regardless of source, format, or processing mode.
  • Handle complex data structures: Seamlessly manage diverse data with the ability to multiplex and demultiplex tables and write to specific partitions.
  • Ensure resilience and reliability: Enjoy the flexibility to stop, restart, and failover pipelines at the execution engine, safeguarding your data flow.
  • Simplify development and debugging: Leverage built-in preview and snapshot features to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues with ease.
  • Gain real-time visibility: Monitor your pipelines and individual stages closely,gaining valuable insights into data processing and performance.

Scalytics Connect empowers you to move beyond basic data pipelines and unlock the full potential of your data lake.

Infrastructure Changes? No Problem. Scalytics Connect Makes It Easy.

Traditional data pipelines often crumble when faced with infrastructure changes. But with Scalytics Connect, adapting to evolving environments becomes a breeze.

Scalytics Connect Platform

Imagine this: Your data lake's source shifts from Oracle to Databricks. Panic sets in with traditional pipelines, forcing you to rebuild from scratch. Not with Scalytics Connect. We offer three seamless options:

  1. Duplicate and Update: Keep both pipelines running while you smoothly transition to the new source.
  2. Version and Replace: Create a new pipeline with the updated source, replacing the old one while maintaining a rollback option.
  3. Parameterize and Run Multiple: Define key attributes as parameters, allowing you to run multiple instances of the same pipeline with different sources – perfect for handling diverse data streams.

Scalytics Connect empowers you to adapt to change with ease, ensuring your data pipelines remain resilient and responsive to evolving needs. Focus on innovation, not infrastructure headaches.

About Scalytics

Legacy data infrastructure can't keep pace with the speed and complexity of modern AI initiatives. Data silos stifle innovation, slow down insights, and create scalability bottlenecks. Scalytics Connect, the next-generation data platform, solves these challenges. Experience seamless integration across diverse data sources, enabling true AI scalability and removing the roadblocks that hinder your AI ambitions. Break free from the limitations of the past and accelerate innovation with Scalytics Connect.

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