Meet the founding team

We have decades of expertise in large-scale data architectures, united by a forward-thinking vision for the future of data processing in the AI era.
Alexander Alten, CEO Scalytics Inc.

Alexander brings over 15 years of seasoned expertise in big data, data processing, distributed data, AI, ML, and IoT. As a dynamic startup entrepreneur, he has a rich history of founding innovative companies, including Infinite Devices and Infinimesh. Before launching Scalytics, Alexander had data related executive roles at industry-leading firms like Cloudera, Allianz, and T-Mobile (Telekom), as well as in data-centric positions at E.ON, Allianz, Evariant (Healthgrades), and Scout24. His contributions extend to the open-source community, with significant work on projects like Apache Wayang, Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache Flume, and Apache HBase.

Kaustubh Beedkar, co-founder Scalytics

Kaustubh is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. As a leading member of the Apache Wayang community, his journey began during his Ph.D. at Technische Universität Berlin, mentored by Volker Markl, whose team was behind the invention of Apache Flink. At the forefront of open-source development within Wayang, Kaustubh leads initiatives particularly focused on the distributed SQL layer. His recent research is about decentralized data processing and automated data regulations in federated environments, making substantial contributions to the field of federated data processing engines and revolutionizing the ways in which we handle data.

Zoi Kaoudi, co-founder Scalytics

Zoi is a renowned researcher in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leads the federated ML development at Scalytics. She is well-known for her research and contributions to the Apache Wayang project among with the pioneering work in the research and development of synthetic data fabric technology. Zoi wrote multiple influential and groundbreaking research papers covering the technical aspects of Machine Learning and AI, but also explore the real-world implications of true AI in transforming our world. Zoi also holds an associate professorship at ITU (Denmark). Her recent research focuses on the advancement of federated data frameworks as well as the pioneering nature of synthetic AI data modeling.

Jorge Quaine, co-founder Scalytics

Jorge started to investigate the topic of Federated Data Processing and distributed AI in 2015. His team invented Rheem, now Apache Wayang, in 2016 during his senior research position at the renowned QRCI Institute in Qatar, and presented the software stack at the Spark Summit 2017 followed by multiple conferences. Jorge was a professor and taught distributed data processing at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Jorge passed unexpectedly away in 2023.

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