Building the Modern AI Stack: Federated AI & Decision Intelligence

The Modern AI Stack:  Accelerate AI

Siloed data, sluggish implementation, and limited AI observability are holding back your AI initiatives.  Legacy data infrastructure can stifle innovation, erode customer trust, and leave businesses trailing behind their competitors. The modern AI stack addresses these challenges.  It's a set of integrated technologies and principles that enable seamless access and analysis of data across all your sources – including sensitive information.

What is the Modern AI Stack?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing, will revolutionize industries at a scale we have never seen in the last 60 years. But to use AI at its full power, companies require a robust data foundation specifically designed for the demands of AI – the modern AI stack. This stack integrates technologies and principles focused on optimizing data management, processing, and analysis to support complex AI applications at scale

Key principles for the modern AI stack include:

  • Decentralization and Federation: Federated learning disrupts traditional data paradigms by bringing AI analysis directly to the data source, minimizing movement, improving speed, and enhancing scalability.
  • Data Virtualization: Virtual layers create a unified view of data across disparate systems, eliminating costly and time-consuming integration projects.
  • Security and Privacy by Design: The modern AI stack prioritizes security with built-in features like secure enclaves and advanced encryption techniques. These mechanisms enable AI training on sensitive data without compromising security or regulatory compliance.
  • Cloud-Native Architectures: Cloud platforms offer flexibility, allowing rapid scaling of AI infrastructure based on demand for optimized costs and resources.
  • Interoperability and Open Standards: Open APIs and standardized data formats ensure seamless integration, fostering flexibility and protecting investments from vendor lock-in.

The Key Layers For the Modern AI Stack

This Menlo Ventures article outlines a layered approach to understanding the modern AI stack.  Let's revisit those layers and spotlight where Scalytics offers powerful solutions:

  • Layer 1: Foundation Models: This layer contains the large, pre-trained AI models, and business-specific models that provide the baseline for new AI initiatives.
  • Layer 2: Data Integration and Access: Scalytics Connect's data virtualization and federated learning capabilities shine here, seamlessly connecting data across disparate systems without costly centralization efforts, thus preserving data privacy.
  • Layer 3:  Data Processing and Transformation: Scalytics Connect enables flexible and efficient in-situ data processing (within existing systems), cloud-based, or hybrid scenarios. Data platform virtualization allows for transparent redeployment of Layer 1 models to adapt to new platforms, technologies, or business needs.
  • Layer 4:  Observability:  Scalytics Connect integrates with your chosen feature stores and observability tools, ensuring AI models have access to the necessary data without compromising privacy. This streamlines AI development, reduces bias, and enables secure, large-scale collaboration.

The modern federated data platform

The AI Landscape: Trends Shaping the Future

As highlighted by Computer Weekly article on data silos, fragmented data poses a major hurdle to enterprise AI innovation. Today, nearly 70% of enterprises still rely on manual review to evaluate AI outputs. This reactive approach not only stifles scalability but hinders the proactive monitoring needed for trust and ethical AI. Purpose-built observability tools are becoming essential, but their effectiveness hinges on accessible, unified data.

The shift towards smaller, task-specific AI models, while promising, often compounds the data fragmentation problem. Enterprises find themselves trapped between legacy platforms like Hadoop and emerging technologies like Spark, unable to fully transition between them. This can lead to months or even years of delays in AI initiatives, with tools like Apache Airflow offering a temporary bandage but not a long-term solution.

The Modern AI Stack Advantage

A modern data platform specifically designed for AI addresses these challenges head-on:

  • True Data Unification: Eliminate silos and seamlessly integrate data across diverse legacy and modern platforms, fueling innovation.
  • Foundation for Trustworthy AI: Provide reliable data access for robust observability and AI health monitoring, building trust in your systems.

Imagine the cost savings and competitive edge gained when data scientists and engineers spend their time building innovative AI solutions instead of wrestling with platform migrations and data wrangling. The modern AI stack makes this transformation possible, empowering organizations to break free from the limitations that stifle their AI ambitions.

From Theory to Transformation: Real-World Examples

The modern AI stack isn't just about technology; it fundamentally transforms how businesses operate in today's world and positions them for success in the future. Consider this: a major retailer relies on a centralized data warehouse, attempting to combine in-store behavior with next-best-offer recommendations generated by IoT devices.  Unfortunately, before the data even reaches their cloud architecture, the customer is already frustrated or has moved on.  By leverage federated learning through Scalytics Connect, they bring analysis directly to each store, even to the customer's fingertips. This empowers immediate reactions to behavior and precise, real-time inventory adjustments across their entire network.  The result isn't just improved metrics – it's a better customer experience, reduced waste, and a smaller environmental footprint. With less data movement, there's a significant reduction in computing power required, leading to lower CO2 emissions. This translates to a win for the environment alongside the business and customers benefits.

Similarly, imagine a financial institution grappling with the complexities of data privacy laws while striving for the customer insights that drive powerful AI.  Scalytics Connect's data virtualization capabilities provide them with a unified view of their data without compromising security or risking non-compliance. This transformation streamlines regulatory processes and enables them to develop AI models that accurately detect fraud and assess risk, safeguarding both their clients and the institution's reputation.

Or picture a hospital network eager to leverage AI for better diagnoses and treatment plans, but hampered by privacy concerns and fragmented data silos. Scalytics Connect creates a secure federated learning environment, enabling model development across patient data without the risks associated with centralization.  This empowers doctors with powerful, reliable tools, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Why the Modern AI Stack Matters for Your Business

These aren't isolated cases. The modern AI stack enables businesses to gain a true competitive edge. Imagine making data-driven decisions with unprecedented speed, optimizing operations in ways your competitors can't, and continually delivering a customer experience that builds unshakeable loyalty. That's what this transformation is about.

Removing data roadblocks fuels a culture of innovation.  Suddenly, experimenting with new AI-driven products or services becomes less risky, employees experience the power and start to innovate in their experience. This change in mindset can unlock untapped revenue and entirely new ways to serve your customers.

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